Don’t be an idiot – Stop the lie of “voterless elections”

Fostliberal_idiot_smering and pandering to the ignorance of busy American voters, who may not pay the closest attention, is just disgusting by the media and the political campaigns.  The United States has two major POLITICAL PARTIES, that aren’t part of the government.  They are run by themselves.  They SELECT DELEGATES to the national PARTY convention.  Many States mean many SELECTION methods for delegates.  Any registered PARTY MEMBER (and often others in many States)

Drudge, Breitbart, MSNBC, CBS et al just LOVE the “voterless election” meme, as if their is some equivelancy with a Federal Election.  It is a PARTY DELEGATE  SELECTION process that isn’t a secret in any State.  Whether YOU or the public at large doesn’t like it is irrelevant if you’re not a member of the PARTY you gripe about.  In any State YOU…yes…YOU can join any/either party and PARTICIPATE in the rule making.  YOU can go to DELEGATE SELECTION functions as designed by your PARTY in that particular State.

It is kind of ironic (and childish) to hear someone unprepared to compete complain about fairness of PUBLISHED DELEGATE SELECTION rules being “unfair”.  It isn’t an “election” for office, it is a DELEGATE SELECTION PROCESS.  If you are outraged, you may be an (political) idiot.